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Instagram is a useful and prominent social media platform to share information endlessly. The app has many authentic features to create and share many posts. 

But Instagram Highlights has a unique fan base. The reason is that Stories disappear after 24 hours, whereas Highlights last for a long time and boost engagement. 

That’s why marketers are very keen to use Instagram Highlights to make users know how their products are useful by sharing demo videos. It increases the reach, and people also started using a free instagram highlights downloader to watch the videos offline whenever they have a doubt after purchasing the products. Even though sharing demo videos is an effective trick to engage users, there are some other hacks you need to know. 

Let’s explore the easy hacks to engage customers with Instagram Highlights effectively. 

Hacks to Engage Customers With Instagram Highlights 

👉Show Your Product 

👉Promote Events 

👉Share Tutorials 


👉User-Generated Content 

1. Show Your Product 

Promoting your products with the help of an Instagram Highlight feature gives the best results. You can film a video and post it as Stories or Reels, and ensure to turn the video into a Highlight. Show all the products that you want to promote following the effective trick. 

You can tag your products with the Instagram Stories sticker to get noticed. Constantly following the hack to show your products will make users see and purchase your products without any doubt.

2. Promote Events 

Promoting your upcoming events using Instagram will increase the number of attendees and your reach. So, Highlight the more important events and post Stories with attractive stickers. It is a great idea to show what you expect from the customers. If you use the chance wisely and promote events, it helps to gain more leads and profit without any doubt.  

3. Share Tutorials 

Sharing tutorial videos on Instagram Highlights will also increase engagement with the users. Everyone knows people often search and view only if the content is informative. So, it is best to share your tutorial videos as soon as possible. 

Tutorials help the audience to understand the details of the product more. That’s why it is more important to take time and create videos to show the usage of your products. Doing so will make the users see the tutorial video and use the best online Instagram downloader like instafetcher to download and watch the video offline easily. But don’t forget to Highlight the video and pin it to gain more engagement. 

4. Behind-the-Scenes  

In digital marketing, every marketer follows a unique idea to grab people’s attention. It’s nothing but sharing the behind-the-scenes. The reason is that no one will voluntarily purchase products unless they share such excellent videos. 

If you are a marketer who can’t increase your engagement with Instagram Highlights, following the trick is the right choice. Simply record the daily work you do and keep it as Highlights. It is an easy hack and takes only less time. Using the change will attract the users quickly.  

5. User-Generated Content 

User-generated content is one of the most powerful ways to boost credibility. The content is uploaded by real users who benefit from your product. It further makes it easy for other users to trust your product. 

Experts also say that featuring user-generated content with Instagram Highlights will support elevating your engagement. Therefore, don’t forget to post user-generated content and make other users see and purchase your products more.

Over to You 

Instagram Highlight is a useful feature to engage customers globally. It helps to connect with the users and convey your message when they visit and see your page. However, you have to show your product, events, tutorials, behind-the-scenes, and user-generated content to let users know your updates consistently. These are effective tricks that help you increase your engagement quickly. 

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